About Us


Forgiato Wheels has stayed endlessly committed to pushing the envelope of excellence and innovation in the hostile aftermarket wheel industry.

From humble beginnings as cast wheel importers, to present day titans in luxury wheel manufacturing, The brand has been built on a foundation of precision and accuracy unmatched by any other company in the industry.


Continuing to remain ahead of the curve with new and innovative technology, Forgiato continues to move rapidly into the future.

Engineered, designed, cut, and finished in Los Angeles California, Forgiato remains committed to the superiority of All-American manufacturing and production.

Forgiato firmly believes that the most effective and efficient means to ensure unmatched quality and design is to guarantee all products are constructed and assembled in the United States, sourcing only American made parts and products. Each custom made to order wheel is an exact pondering of the unique customers we build them for.


The Forgiato team will continue to deliver an exquisite array of fully customizable forging options combined with a limitless merger of picturesque finishes to guarantee our customers the most unique and personal wheel shopping experience on the planet.